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Welcome to Hell, kid.

The Afterlife isn't what you expected. Instead of fire and torment, you're forced into a tumultuous sea of opposing political and religious forces all competing for control.

Luckily, you have a Subjugator: a forbidden wrist-worn device that allows you to summon demons.


  • Catch!  150 unique demons to catch and fuse
  • Strategize!  Form a party of up to 4 demons at a time
  • Fuse!  Fuse demons together to get a more powerful species of demon that inherits up to 4 of its parents' spells and skills
  • Explore!  A huge world full of towns, dungeons, and plenty of secret content.
  • Craft!  Your crafting level goes up as you create potions, weapons, and armor.
  • Sidequests!  Catch legendary demons and more.
  • Minigames!  In classic 90s JRPG fashion, you'll encounter a variety of minigames during your quest


  • A powerful, unique, philosophically-driven story
  • Takes place in the Afterlife
  • The timeline of the game's events begins in the late 18th century, running in parallel with the timeline of the living world


  • Confirmed: Itch.io, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, Epic

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"I’m loving Eternal Exodus at this stage of development" - David, Indie Hive

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